In view of achieving its objectives and in view of sustainable inland navigation industries' development in the Danube region, Pro Danube International (PDI) launched a number of initiatives that require the immediate attention of the policy- and the decision-makers. At the moment PDI is advocating for the improvement of fairway maintenance practices, the development of inland ports as hubs for regional economic development, Danube fleet modernisation, the removal of red tape and administrative barriers and for an increased inclusion and engagement of the private sector in the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR).



fairway maintenance
The continuous reduction of waterway maintenance works over several years resulted in a serious degradation of fairway depth and thus available draught. more
inland ports development
Danube ports must be seen as important co-modal transhipment nodes and ideal business platforms for the local and regional economy. more
fleet modernisation
There is a clear need to invest into the Danube fleet in order improve cost-efficiency and environmental performance. more



administrative barriers
There are a high number of regulations, administrative procedures for vessels and transhipment operations, customs and border crossing procedures, technical requirements within the Danube region and many differences among them.  more
private sector and EUSDR
The EUSDR can achieve its ambitious goals only if it succeeds in involving private business in the definition and implementation of all its priorities and actions. more