Danube Ports Network

dpn logo main 262Launched in 2018, the Danube Ports Network brings together public and private ports and terminal operators from the Danube Region willing to engage in a long-term, active and coordinated cooperation process benefiting the port industry and regional economy at large. With the support and collective effort of its partners, the Network will become a long-term, sustainable structure contributing to good port governance and cooperation strengthening in the Danube Region.

Moreover, the DPN emphasizes the importance of sharing knowledge and networking to keep the Danube ports at the forefront of global innovation and as such to adapt them to the needs and requirements of a future-oriented European transport system. Hence, the DPN facilitates diverse forms of cooperation and partnerships between Danube ports, leading to synergies and higher efficiency.

Coordinated by Pro Danube Management, DPN unites and harmonizes the message of the Danube Region’s inland and seaports community in Europe and beyond.

The DPN has emerged within the framework of the DAPhNE (www.interreg-danube.eu/daphne) project in response to a real need for a unified, coordinated message of the Danube Region’s inland and sea ports community in Europe and beyond.

In the framework of DIONYSUS (www.interreg-danube.eu/dionysus) project, DPN is at the heart of coordinated project capitalisation tasks that contribute to efficient project implementation, knowledge-creation and transfer, as well as to synergies with EU transport policy initiatives and other port development related projects.

For details, please refer to: https://danubeports.eu/