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International Organisations
icon www UN/ECE – Inland Waterway Transport
icon pdf European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways (AGN), 19 Jan.1996
icon www Danube Commission
icon pdf Belgrade Convention, 18 Aug. 1948
icon www Sava Commission
icon www Central Commission for the Rhine (CCR-ZKR)
icon www Int. Commission for the protection of Danube River (ICPDR)
icon www Joint Statement on Inland Navigation & Env. Sustainability
icon pdf Joint Statement on Guiding Principles Environmental Protection in the Danube River Basin
icon www Southeast European Cooperative Initiative – SECI
icon www Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe – IDM
icon pdf Joint Statement Romania-Bulgaria - 19 Jun. 2014, Ruse (EN)

Industry Associations
icon www INE – Inland Navigation Europe
icon www EFIP – European Federation of Inland Ports
icon www EBU – European Barge Union
icon www ESO – European Skippers Organisation
icon www ESPO – European Seaports Organisation

Pro Danube Austria
icon pdf Letter to Minister Bures, Apr. 2012
icon pdf Letter to Minister Spindelegger, Apr. 2012




  Waterway Administrations
icon www WSD Süd, Wasser- & Schifffahrtsverwaltung, Deutschland
icon www Wasserstraßen-Informationsservice (ELWIS)
icon www via donau – Austrian Waterway Administration
icon www DoRIS – Donau River Information Services
icon www Facts and Figures
icon www Danube Ports Online
icon www The Blue Pages (Inventory on transport operators)
icon pdf Annual Report Danube Navigation, 2010
icon www River Engineering Project East of Vienna (FGP)
icon www Information Services on Danube Navigation
icon pdf Manual on Danube Navigation, 2007
icon pdf Danube Map, 2011 Edition

icon www SVP – Slovak Water Management Enterprise
icon www OVF – General Directorate for Water Management (HU)
icon www APP – Agency for Inland Waterways (Croatia)
icon www PLOVPUT – Directorate for Inland Waterways (Serbia)
icon www AFDJ – River Administration of Lower Danube – GALATI
icon www ACN – Administration of the Navigate Canals S.H.
icon www EAEMDR – Executive Agency for Exploration & Maintenance of the Danube River
icon www NKH - National Transport Authority
icon www RSOE - National Association of Radio Distress-Signaling & Info communication (RSOE)
icon www PANNONRIS
icon www Danube FIS Portal

NEWADA – Network of Waterway Administrations (SEE project)
icon www Reports – Status Waterway Maintenance & National Plans