Pro Danube International acted on behalf of the shipping industry and officially contacted the Secretariat of the Danube Commission for action to support the change of the vessel crew during the COVID-19 crisis. The past weeks with the COVID-19 crisis have shown how important solidarity, transparency and widely harmonised actions are. It is also being proven every day that transport and logistics are essential elements not only to ensure the flow of cargo, but to serve the citizens daily needs in these difficult times.

In respect of harmonised solutions for transport and logistics, Pro Danube International pointed out, that the most urgent action to be taken as soon as possible, is to ensure the free circulation of the crew members for river-vessel. In line with the EU’s Green Lane, PDI urged for a solution in order to allow the change of vessel crew members in each of the Danube Riparian Countries.

The full letter with detailed proposals is available here.

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The European Commission has launched a Public Consultation concerning the revision of the Union Guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T Regulation).

Participation is possible until 5 May 2021.


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